Choice of  Soup, Salad or Fruit Cup
Choice of Two Meats
Choice, of Pasta, Potato or Rice
Fresh Vegetables
Rolls and Butter
Coffee, Tea, Milk

Sherbet, Sundaes or cookies  available @ $2.75pp

Pie or Cake @ $4.95pp

Meat Choices: Chicken- roasted, piccatta, marsala, Florentine, stuffed, cordon bleu or brochette,   Roast Beef, Italian or Polish Sausage,
Roast Turkey, Corned Beef, Meatballs, Baked Ham, Pork loin.
Additional Meats Available

Minimum of 45 People
Available until 2:00 PM

Extra Starch @ 2.50 pp

Extra Meat @ 4.75pp